Robert L. Lane III

Teacher's Assistant


I would like to be a teacher when I finish college, but for now I am excited to be a teacher assistant.

Personal Statement


Personal Statement

I was on my knees with my fingertips touching, putting my hands together to sign “More?” to Carter, a 4 year old special needs child. I have been around kids my entire life. My mother was an at home babysitter, and she watched a lot of kids. I have four siblings and one is a three year old, which I babysit sometimes. I helped with watching them and teaching them, also helping the older kids with homework and projects. If you have not noticed, I would like to be a teacher or tutor, something in which I can help kids younger than me. This will help me do what I would like to do in a career.

I don’t know a whole lot of sign language, but I do know a few simple words, such as: More, Girl, Boy, Man, Woman, Grandparents (Separate and together), Stop, Love/Heart, Please, sorry, around, and a few more. I am also excellent with Microsoft Office. I can make a spectacular Power Point or Movie Maker, along with Word Documents too. Because of my interest with colors and design, I create fun and entertaining projects. If you need to make an interesting Power Point and you do not know how to make it have “ pizzazz,” I am your man for the job. One more thing, I am learning how to program with QBasic, a different version of the Basic format. I have created three very small programs, but they still took a little bit of time to make.

You can count on me being at my job every day I work, and if you need proof I am that responsible, I was rewarded a plaque in elementary school for perfect attendance from 2004 to 2010. Six years straight of perfect attendance. I will get your project in on time unless something happens in my family.

Quote I Live By

My Resumé


Harry F. Byrd Middle School

2010 - Present

Pinchbeck Elementary School

2004 - 2009


  • Perfect Attendance 2004 - 2009
  • Future Business Leaders of America Club
  • Tennis Team


  • Microsoft Office skills
  • good listener
  • efficient
  • sign language

Work Experience Journal


To prepare for my work experience I have learned how to speak more sign language. I have also helped a teacher carry items she needed into her room for her. Yesterday I helped my parents by watching my little brother while they were out from 6:00 PM to 9:45 PM.


This was Professional Day, we wore nice clothing and learned how to tie ties, it was fun but I still haven't mastered it. Either way, I had another mock interview with someone who interviews for a living. I had gotten a 58 out of 64, which was pretty good. I still need to work on my speech volume though.


Today I was interviewed by two teachers, and these were my real interviews. The first interview went really well, my computer skills paid off and I know they will be used. The other interview went pretty good to, the teacher talked about a lot of activities we would do, it sounded interesting, something I may be interested in. Though the interviews went great, they could have gone better. I was pretty quiet as usual but this time I just felt unsure, I have never even met the teachers that interviewed me. Next tuesday I am going to another interview at the help desk, I hope I do better this time.


Today was my first work day, it was a bit refreshing. I didn't know what Mrs. Hampton would have me do, and I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to do it. Though in the end, it was fairly easy, all I actually did was edit some things on a powerpoint she gave me. I am finally relaxed, so I won't worry about it any more. I felt good after wards.


This time, Mrs. Hampton was at a meeting, so I had to go with my co-worker Lorente. He completes tasks by teachers on A Hall, witch is mainly sixth grade. We both had to sort some papers for Mrs. Williams, then we put some signs up for Mr. Semo. After wards we hole punched two stacks of papers for Mr. Richard, and then we went to Mrs. Richards room and sorted out some books. It was a long day, though it was worth it. With Lorente and Sabor helping, the work went by pretty fast. I couldn't have done all of it in one day alone, but with the three of us we did it.


First I put chairs up for Mrs. Hampton, then I cleaned the board. She had me print some things out and complete some other tasks. I think is was close to being a succesfull day.


I was absnet this day, so I have nothing to write.


Today my class and I stayed in the room and did work, mainly added to our work journals.


Today I washed the bored, helped clean up Mrs. Hampton's room, and helped Mrs. Laimen carry things to her car. It was easy and I didn't do much different today.


I helped Mrs. Hampton clean out one of her drawers, we found a lot of things that she could find usefull and some things were just trash. After we cleaned it out I wiped it with a wipe, it looked good in the end.


Mrs. Hampton didn't have a whole lot for me to do today, so once I put the books away and cleaned the board I went to Mrs. Mallon's room. She had me organize some folders but I didn't have time to finish, so I told her I would come back next time and finish.


I cleaned the boared, picked up the chairs, and put all of the books away for Mrs. Hampton. So after I copied some papers and then went to Mrs. Mallon. I finished the files that I was sorting and she had me and Dependra move some desks.


Today I copied some things for Mrs. Hampton, afterward Mr. Richard needed help laminating papers.


I copied a lot of papers for Mrs. Hampton today, 150 copies each paper. It took a while but I have become more familar with the copier machine. I spent that entire day in the copier room pretty much but it was fine.


I copied and cleaned as I do everyday, although today I cleaned out one of Mrs. Hampton's book cases. She wanted me to wipe it down and get all of the dust off so I had to take everything off first, wipe it, and put everything back on.


Mrs. Hampton had me file some paper then I went to see if Mrs. Mallon needed help. She didn't need anything so I went back to Mrs. Hampton and she let me work on some work.


Today I copied some papers, but it wasn't as easy as it usualy is. The printer got jammed after I waited for two of my co-workers to finish their jobs. Then I had to use Mrs. Jones' copy code just to finish the job since Mrs. Hampton's ran out of copies on the one printer that worked with double sided copies. After that Mrs. Hampton let me work on some homework I had.


Today Mrs. Hampton let me work on late assignments since she did not have any work for me to do.


Mrs. Hampton was absent today, and her substitute left early. So I went to Ms. White's room and she had me put up some chairs. After talking to Mr. Timok, I went to help Mrs. Turlington, Mr. Semo, Mrs. Richards, and Mrs. Lennox needed my help for this coming friday. I had a lot done today.


I read most of the day, first I copied some papers for Mrs. Lennox, but when i went back to the classroom Mrs. Hampton wasn't in there. So I took out "The Outsiders" book and read for fourty-five minutes.


I honestly do not know what I did, let's just say it was productive.


Mrs. Hampton was on a field trip so I dusted a counter for Mrs. Mallon, copied some papers for Mrs. Richards, and helped tutor some kids with Mr. Semo and LJ.


Today I worked with Mrs. Hampton again. She had me pick up the chairs and put the books away as usual. She had to go somewhere and Mrs. Laymen had me pick up trash. Afterwards I found a kid's passport and took it to her. In all it was a good day, it was very succesful in what I did and was happy to go home.


I only had to put the chairs up today for Mrs. Hampton. Then I went to Mr. Semo's room to help tutor kids. I checked a few papers and helped a few sixth graders and went back to Mr. Timok's room. He had Travis, Joe and me clean his room for a while. When we were done people started coming back.


II helped Mrs. Hampton clean her room first. I cleaned he board and picked up the chairs as usual. Then I walked over to Mr. Semo's room. He had only a few students to tutor. So when done I came back to Mr. Timok.


First, I walked to Mrs. Hampton's room and it was locked. I figuerd that she was out so I went to Mr. Timok's room. I went to Mr. Semo's afterwards and me and LJ had to count pencils. We counted 25 in each group. Once finished, she had MORE pencils to count. When done I don't remember, so I geuss I went back to Mr. Timok.


I helped Mrs. Hampton clean her room. After that I went back to Mr. Timok's room to do work. I turned in some study island assignments and my day was done.


Mrs. Hampton wasn't here today so I helped Mrs. Turlington with some work. I placed pencils in mailboxes. I don't remember what I did after... so let's say I helped another teacher and went back to Mr. Timok's room.


I helped Mrs. Hampton as usual and then I went back to Mr. Timok's room, short day. Afterwards I know I did something but I don't remember.


I stayed in Mr. Timok's room today and did work that I needed for other classes.


Mrs. Hampton had me put up some chairs as usual first. She told me NOT to erase the board. Afterwards she had me carry around thirty text books to a room in the hall. After I was done, I went to Mr. Timok's room to do some work.


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