AT Update

September 19, 2014

3rd Grade Math

This week, we continued to work on adding and subtracting with large numbers--all the way into the hundred thousands place! Students learned the meaning of inverse and worked to check their subtraction problems with addition. Finally, they used rounding to determine if their subtraction answers were reasonable.

Students completed their first "quick quiz" this week along with 2 more. They had the opportunity to review their work and ask questions privately if they didn't understand how to fix their error. Students are learning to work more slowly in math and read the whole question. This is a big learning curve here in AT.

Remember--if you are looking for students to do something "more" than just their homework, they can log in to TenMarks and complete a worksheet or "Jam Session". They can also use any computer games or flashcards to work on their multiplication facts.

4th Grade Math

This week, we missed 2 days of math due to MAP testing. That being said, students still had the chance to work on composing and decomposing quadrilaterals, identifying quadrilaterals by sides and angles, and practiced sorting polygons.

3/4 Reading

This week, we missed 2 days of reading due to MAP testing. Therefore, we continued our story from last week in to this week. We completed our second vocabulary test (and spelling), read the stories together to delve deeper into the comprehension and analyze the characters in the story, wrote descriptive paragraphs, and learned how to answer a question properly.

Our grammar focus this week for both grades was on the different types of sentences--interrogative, declarative, imperative, and exclamatory.

Students created a google spreadsheet and put it into a shared folder to log their "Read to Self" time in class. We also received our usernames and passwords to "think central". This is our reading site with the interactive book so that students have access to it at home without taking the very large book in their backpack.