By: Katie Thompson

What is the role of DNA in biotechnology?

DNA plays a very big role in biotechnology. Biotechnology is what discovered the structure of DNA. Biotechnology can also do stuff like taking one gene from a plant and combining it with another plant. DNA is one of the biggest parts of the gene going from one plant to another. Biotechnology also helps DNA make proteins that you don't usually find in the ordinary animal cell.


How is biotechnology used in DNA testing?

Biotechnology can be used in many different ways for DNA testing. Some of those examples are getting a DNA fingerprint, carrier screening, diagnostic screening, determine sex, identity screening, determining disorders, and newborn screening. These are just some tests that we use today, there are still some others that are being developed all around the world.


Career in the Medical Field

When you are working in the medical field, you are always doing something! There are many options for what exactly you want to do in the medical field. For example, you can be a surgical doctor, a nurse, a house nurse, a therapist, a chiropractor, a dentist, etc. Obviously when you are working in any part of the medical field, there is a very high level of technology.


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What are negative impacts of Biotechnology?

There is a biotechnology that can transfer one gene from a plant to another is a very expensive process. That is how it is with most of the processes that biotechnology is involved in. If something also goes wrong in the process of the genetic material being divided, that would be a big waste of money, and very damaging to the plant life.


What is North Carolina's national rank in biotechnology?

North Carolina's national rank is 31st, but 21st with all of the U.S schools. That is very impressive!