Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Kya Richardson

Fight For What You Want

Perseverance is a character trait that everyone eventually has to endure. It's inevitable that life will knock you down but you can't stay down complaining. You must get up and keep on going and not dwell on misfortunes that happened.

Coming Together As a Team

One example of perseverance was in the video, “Losing To Win.” This story is about a school of female teens at Carroll Academy that have to go through a ton of adversities and remain affirm. It goes throughout their entire journey of trying to have a family and becoming resilient. The dilemma is that they are surrounded by drugs, absent family members, abuse and the list goes on. This is a huge problem because not trusting others and feeling unsupported brings the all of the girls down. They don’t have confidence, their failing school and possibly even risking going to jail. This led to their coaches recognizing the problems and trying to find a solution. One solution that they came up with is simply basketball. This helps them take their mind off the things that are going wrong. Also, basketball teaches them how vital it is to work together and trust one another as a team. “Losing To Win” is an inspirational video that gives everyone hope that things can get better if you find someone who believes in you.

World War II Hero

Winston Churchill is a strong and critical historical figure to Great Britain and the world. He was born in the United Kingdom on November 30, 1874. Throughout his childhood, he went through a lot. He was forced to be mature at a young age. His parents were never around because they were always traveling and never gave him any attention. He was pretty much raised by his nanny and thought of her as his actual mom. Throughout his life he has shown abundant leadership, determination, and perseverance. For example in 1911 when he was made the First Lord of the Admiralty, he was on the edge about the outcome of the war with Germany. He found out that Germany was growing in strength, so Churchill began working assiduously to enhance the British military. He also lost his MP during election time in 1921. He had to work eagerly to win his spot back, which he eventually did. However, he is best known for his indispensable help in World War II. During this time the previous Prime Minister resigned, because Nazi Germany attacked France. George VI asked Churchill to step up to that powerful and slightly overwhelming position, which of course he did. Without Winston’s help, the war would of been even more difficult. Churchill influenced the United States to join against Germany. He salvaged not only Britain, but as well as all of Europe. Winston Churchill once said, "...We shall fight on the landing-grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender!" From this quote, we know that Winston Churchill drastically improved the overall morale of the military during the devastating war. While some were debating about continuing to fight, Churchill didn't even have to contemplate that, he knew that that was never an option. This quote describes some of the many obstacles that the soldiers might endure. The part that I think is the best is when it says “we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength.” I think that this is especially important because it's saying to never slow down or lose hope just put up your best fight. Overall, it is obvious why Winston Churchill is a huge role model to look up to for strength and courage to push forward throughout the adversities in life.

Baseball Inspiration

Have you ever been rejected for you looks? Well if you have, imagine that times most of the United States hating on you. Then you will be in Jackie Robinson’s shoes. Jackie Robinson inspired so many people to go after their dream but before that, he had to overcome the hate in the major leagues. Since Jackie Robinson was African American, they automatically did not want him in the major leagues. This was during the time that most of America did not treat African Americans equally and showed extreme hostility. Another effect of Jackie Robinson playing baseball, was that other white folks were physically and emotionally trying to hurt him. Bean balls were thrown at him and he was called terrible, hurtful names. They thought he was inadequate. Despite this, he changed many lives of inspiring African American baseball players who were not accepted in the major leagues nor the little leagues. As you can see, Jackie Robinson had triumphed in his baseball career but he had to overcome many adversities all by trusting Branch Rickey. At the time, some people just couldn't get over the fact that he was another race. Fortunately, because of his perseverance, he ended up changing the game for all of the other African Americans that wanted to play baseball.

Determination In History

From others in history, we can learn that the present was not handed to us. Though others we can see that the most successful people were not those who were combative but noble. Also we learned if you believe in yourself and what you can accomplish, you can do pretty much anything. If you truly want to change inequality in the world you just have to have the desire in you to not let the harsh and dreadful things bring you down.
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