Mrs. Snyder's Spectator

November 17-25

Important Dates


20th - Extra Recess for giving 20 boxes of food for the Food Drive (2:30-2:45pm)

24-25th - Native American Rotations

26-28th - Thanksgiving Break (NO SCHOOL)


2nd - PTO Open Forum (7pm)

5th - Dress as your Favorite Book Character

8th - MOY NWEA @ 9:35-11

15th - MOY NWEA @9:35-11

22-6th Winter Break

*As we take our middle of the year NWEA tests, please try not to schedule any appointments if possible during these times. Students have to complete the assessments prior to leaving for Winter Break. Also please make sure the student gets plenty of rest and a nutritious breakfast. Thanks for your help with this.*

Specials/Related Arts

M- Computer

T - P.E.

W - Music

Th - Art

F - Computer & Library (Return books)

M- P.E.

T- Music

Reading Workshop

We are continuing Unit 3 - Story Elements & Character Analysis. This week we will make connections between books by comparing and contrasting the characters, setting, and plot of two different books. We will also dig deeper into character analysis by talking about characters actions and feelings to determine character traits.

Word Study

This week we will learn Sort 19 - Long a Vowel Patters: -ay, a_e, -ai, and -a. We will spend two weeks working on Long A vowel patterns. My goal is that students begin to use these patterns in their writing.

*The students should be taking their words and sight words home every night to practice - It is becoming very apparent who is and is not studying at home.*

Sight Words:

much, before, line, right, too

Practice your words using Spelling City:

On Blackboard, there are ideas for home activities for students to do with their spelling words as well as their sight words. It is important they spend time at home practicing them.

Writing Workshop

We are starting our next Unit of Study - Realistic Fiction. In this unit, students will apply what they have learned in their study of personal narrative into their writing of realistic fiction. While students bring to life realistic characters in their writing, we’ll be busy reading about characters in our Reader’s Workshop.

Unit Goals:

  • Writers will develop a realistic character

  • Writers will use graphic organizers to guide their writing

  • Writers will study mentor texts to apply techniques in their own writing

    Craft Lessons:

  • Thoughtful fiction writers develop their stories by introducing characters through listing external and internal traits

  • Thoughtful fiction writers sketch out story structure using graphic organizer & story boards and include words and phrases that signal order of events.

  • Thoughtful fiction writers study mentor authors and observe what other writers do to “show not tell” (rather than writing, “She was nervous,” (tell) you could write, “Her knees shook so hard she could barely stand” (show).

    Supporting your Writer at Home:

  • Ask your child about their writing he/she is doing at school
  • Tell me about your character.
  • What is your characters problem?
  • How will he/she solve his/her problem?
  • Visit the local library and borrow realistic fiction books to read

  • Read realistic fiction books together and notice the internal

    and external traits of characters and hunt for “show not tell”


We will are starting Adding and Subtraction WITH and WITHOUT regrouping. We will continue for several weeks on 2-3 digit numbers.

Moby Max Homework-

Your students' username is their ID # and password is Hse+birthdate.

School Information

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to show off the hard work your students have been doing in music class this year with a performance! The second grade concert will begin promptly at 7:00 PM on Thursday, December 18th in the CRES gymnasium. Students should report to their homeroom teacher’s Classrooms at 6:45 PM. The performance will last about 20-30 minutes. Students should wear semi-formal attire they can move freely in such as polos, dress shirts, slacks, and dresses or long skirts for the girls. Any shoes are fine. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at or call (317) 594-4170 and ask to be connected the music teacher.


Suley Hussain

Music Teacher

Cumberland Road Elementary

Speak Up Survey

HSE Schools are participating in Speak Up as part of HSE’s digital learning grant award. If you would like to give your opinion regarding technology use in the education setting, please complete the following survey.

Speak Up Survey Instructions for Parents

Speak Up 2014 is open for input Oct 6th – Dec 19th

Step 1: Go to the Speak Up Welcome page at

Step 2: Click on the Blue button to the bottom-left labeled “Parents enter here to take the survey”.

Step 3: Look up your child’s school

1.) Click on the state drop down button and select Indiana

2.) Go down to the next line and type in your child’s school name * This can be any part of the school name.

3.) Click on the “Find School” button
* please note if your child’s school is not listed, please click on the blue “click here” button to go on to the survey. Please skip to step 5.

Step 4: On the schools found page a list of schools matching the letters you typed in will show up. Click on the school that matches your school’s name (the city should match as well)

Step 5: If you do not see your child’s school, please try again by clicking on the search again button at the bottom of the screen. Try step 3 again but try using less letters from the school’s name (For example: just type in the first three letters of the school’s name).

1.) If you still do not see your child’s school’s name, please click on the blue “click here” button to go directly to the survey without entering your school’s information.

Step 6: You will now begin the survey. Please read the Parent’s introduction page. Then click on the red arrow (next) to begin the survey.

1.) Please use the RED arrow tabs labeled next and back to go to the next page (not the browser buttons).

2.) Please read questions thoroughly. For questions with circles you will choose one answer and for questions with squares you choose all that apply.

3.) If you are unsure of a question just skip to the next question.

Thank you for your participation in Speak Up 2014!

Our Classroom

Class Read Aloud: Box Car Children

Mrs. Snyder's Currently Reading: PBL in the Elementary Classroom

*My read aloud hope is that by sharing lots of different chapter books students will choose new and different books for reading time*