Top 5 Human Developments/Inventions


This is the 5th most important development since it provided people comfort and protected them from natural occurrences like rain. Shelters protected residents from invaders. They also protected the early humans from vicious animals. Shelter also contributed to better health, for example, ancient Egypt created an air ventilation system using wet reeds to catch dust and keep it out of houses.

4th-Bronze and iron tools

Fourth comes metallurgy. Working with metals became an essential need for agriculture and combat around 3000 BCE when cooper came into widespread use because it was easier to work with than stone. Then, in 2000 BCE, bronze was made out of copper and tin to serve as a stronger alternative to copper while also being just as easy to work with. Iron came next in 1600 BCE followed by steel in 1300 BCE by combining iron and charcoal. While this was one important creation, agriculture was the reason for new developments including metallurgy, written language gives us an accurate account of history, and political institutions set up all government and rules as we know them, putting metallurgy in fourth.

3rd-Political Institutions

In third place, we have political institutions. Political institutions made governmental policy on social systems and the economy. Political institutions regulated agriculture by controlling the food supplies. Political institutions also upheld the peace to prevent conflicts within civilizations. Laws were established and enforced.

2nd-Written language

In second place we have written language for several reasons. Governments were established in all successful civilizations like the Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman civilizations. In order to do this laws had to be made and written down so that it could be communicated to a large population so that they could abide by those rules. Writing also helped communicate several complicated ideas which would have been hard to do without written communication. People were able to write books and record information. This was extremely important since without this we would not have any history telling us about the past and that is why written language is in the second position for most important developments. In fact it was top contender for first place.


In first place comes the development of agriculture. Agriculture gave the humans a surplus of food and that led to them settling down and food not becoming a problem.. As they settled down they had more free time and that lead to population increase, full time politicians, and specialized workers. The politicians will create a proper government to run their settlement while the specialized workers will be creating new things for their settlement. The things the specialized workers created would be traded while the government meant that that settlement is a proper civilization. While written language and other creations/developments are important to early humans none are as important as agriculture because agriculture led to people settling down. when they settled down they created all those other inventions/developments but none would have been created without agriculture and that is why agriculture is first.