william golding

the lord of the flies


  • William Golding Was Born In His Grandmother's House.
  • He Was Born On September 1911.
  • He Died On June 19, 1933 In Truro , Cornwall.
  • He Was Buried In Village Churchyard In Bowerchalke.

Interesting Facts

  • His father was a science master at Marlborough Grammar School.
  • William Also Grew Up In Marlborough, Wiltshine.
  • He Was Inspired By The Royal Navy In 1940 in World War II.


In !953 he was initially rejected by his reader.

How Successful Was This Author?

He Was Successful Because He Won The. . . .

  • James Tart Black Memorial Prize &
  • Nobel Prize

Why is this authors considered influencial?

This Author Considered Influencial Because. . . . .

  • He Wrote About Society .
  • He Also Wrote About Law(s).

Identify 2 Characteristics Of This Author?

  • He Was A Teacher.
  • He Fought In World War II.