Multiplying and dividing

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Multiplying in the real world

When will you multiply decimals, besides school? Read this article to find out.

Suppose you are at a restraunt and you order 5 French fries for 2.13 each, would you like sit there and add 2.13 5 times or would you like to do 2.13 x 5 and get your answer faster?

If you have a job and get 8.34 an hour and you work for 3 hours a day, and you need to know how much you would would make in a week you would do 8.34 x 3=25.02 x 7=173.14


Dividing decimals in the real world

Suppose you pay $30.23 on gas and you want to find how much you spend per gallon you have to divide how much gallons you used divided by how much you pay total.

If you pay $103.20 dollars total on your car and you want to find how much you pay a month you would do 103.20 divided by 12 because there are twelve months in a year and get 8.60