Alexander Brandt

Congressional Specific and Responsibilities

- 6 year terms

- 100 members

- Each state has two members

- Elected at large

- Write Bills

- Vote on bills

- Confirm nominations

- Ratify treaties

Congressional Leadership Positions

Vice President

- watches over Senate

President Pro Tempore

- Resides over Senate when V.P. is not there.

Majority leader

Majority Whips

Minority Leader

Minority Whip

Congressional Qualifications and Benefits

- Must be 30 years old

- U.S. citizen for 9 years

- Legal Resident of state

Salary of $174,000

Franking privilege - no paying for postage

Income tax deductions

Eligible for pensions of $150,000 a year

Free from arrest while attending Congress

May not be sued for anything they say on House or Senate floor.