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Curriculum Updates

PSSA updates and Reminders: PSSA’s are set to begin next Monday, March 24th. It is imperative that your child be in school each day. If appointments are necessary, please try to schedule them in the afternoon. The students will test from 9:15- until about 11:30 each day. The PSSA assessment is March 24th- March 31st.

To follow are a few items needed in order to ensure successful testing days:

1. Please return the PSSA pep cards. These are the index cards that were sent in Wednesday folders this past week. The cards are due back March 19th. If you need more cards, please email me! If possible, return the cards in the tan envelope that I sent them in. I hand these out at the start of each test day. It’s a fun way to include families and for your child to feel loved and truly supported!

2. The homeroom moms are coordinating a snack schedule for each PSSA day. Healthy snacks are essential in ensuring that every student has good food in their tummy so they can focus on their assessment. Each day to start their test, I will give the students a healthy snack and a bottle of water. At the end of each testing session, I will give the students another snack. Full tummies = happy kids and test takers J Please contact Jaime Brisendine with questions on how you can help!

3. I will be talking to the kids about getting a good night’s sleep. It is necessary for students to get a full night’s sleep to ensure a great mindset for the next day. Is it too early to suggest 7:30- 8:00 as a bedtime? It will pay off, I promise! In addition, please ensure that your child have a good breakfast! Even though snacks will be given, it is very important that your child have a healthy breakfast before their arrival to school.

4. Homework is limited during PSSA’s. This is meant to ensure that students are focused on having a healthy dinner and heading to bed early. You can expect just reading homework over the 6 testing days.

We have spent endless amounts of time talking and learning about GRTI! This is when grit counts! I am so confident that every student will do an outstanding job! Central Bucks prepares students for academic success.

As a way to culminate the student’s hard work, the third grade teachers are planning a pizza party for the kids. On April 4th, our now half day, we would like to have pizza and snacks for the kids. More information will come home this week in Wednesday folders.

This Week: We are going to have a busy week! To follow is a peek at our week and a little beyond...


We are at the end of our 4th Unit in Lead 21, The Story of the Earth. The students are taking their theme assessment this week. Unit 5 focuses on heroes! This is perfect because we just completed our Social Studies on making a difference! The students have a good background on what makes everyday heroes and now we will take a deeper look into the past. The heroes that we will read about include Abraham Lincoln, Susie King Taylor, Chief Joseph, and Roberto Clemente. We will also read about heroes from stories, fables, and folktales. We will be working in small groups on reading skills and strategies such as determining important information, generalizing, and making inferences. The children have also become close readers…applying strategies such as re- reading a story, highlighting important information, circling words or phrases that are confusing, post it noting stop and jot ideas, and making meaningful connections. It is my goal that the students strengthen these skills and strategies.

Read Aloud: We are in the midst of reading Flora & Ulysses. It has turned out to be a very entertaining story. This story is rich with vocabulary. A read aloud assessment will occur after we complete the PSSA assessments.


Our animal mindset stories are published! The students did a great job writing about their character’s struggle and ultimate success! I was very impressed with their work. You will see a copy in your child’s portfolio.

We are also currently working on various writing pieces to share our learning about our assigned Famous American. This work will culminate with our wax museum. A date has not been determined for the wax museum. More information will go home soon.


We are just finishing Unit 8, learning all about fabulous fractions. The children are comparing fractions, finding equivalent fractions, and writing fraction number stories. I have a math test planned for this Friday, 3/21. During our PSSA week, other assessments and or tests are not given. WIth that in mind, I am hoping to test this week rather than wait two weeks. I am sending a study guide today, Monday. If I see the need to delay the test, I will notify you by this Wednesday.

Field Trip- Our trip to the Franklin Institute was pushed back to April 15th due to the adjustment in the school calendar. April 4th is now a half day. Please see the CBSD website for additional information on calendar changes.

Spring Fair- Thank you so much for the great donations! Our basket theme is a Mexican dinner. It is looking delicious! All donations are due this Wednesday, March 19th.

Portfolio Conferences- Please check your email this Wednesday morning, March 19th for the sign up genius link to schedule your preferred time. This is the conference that your child attends, so it is important when selecting a time to keep that in mind.

I know that you have recieved a lot of sign up genius emails lately. It's a VERY busy time of year at Butler! Thank you for your patience and understanding.


1. Please encourage your student to have a good chapter book each day! If you need recommendations, please ask me!

2. Please sign your student’s homework book daily.

3. If possible, please consider replenishing your student’s supplies. Pencils are in great demand now!