Seeking a new settlement? Come on down to...

Reasons for Settlement

Take a risk like Thomas Hooker, come to Conneticut for a better life. Full of freedom, wonderful climate, and geography is offered in Conneticut. Calling all Puritans!

Geography and Climate

Conneticut is the place where your kid can play in the snow during winter and splash in the water during summer! Conneticut is full of fertile valleys and forested hills that offers many resources.


Keep God's word in your life with our Puritan churches in New Haven. In Conneticut Puritans, take religion seriously. If you like Purtian rules and agree to live by the "Word of God," come to Conneticut!


Conneticut, where freedom thrives! The Conneticut colony believed in the "free consent of the people, to whom belong the choice of public, magistrates, by God's own allowance."