Sundays at The Sackett

a reading series presented by Bold As Love Magazine

Writers and Readers and Beer! Oh my!

Join us for the next installment of Bold As Love Magazine's new reading series. Inspirational, intriguing and provocative: Works-in-progress from accomplished writers across a wide range of genres, all part of a progressive black literary tradition. Curated by Bold As Love's books editor Bridgett M. Davis.

Sundays at The Sackett: The "F" Words - Feminist Fairytales, Fantasy & Afro-Futurism

Sunday, March 24th 2013 at 4:30-6:30pm

661 Sackett Street


The cozy neighborhood Park Slope spot The Sackett opens its full bar and microphone to three writers who bring their womanist twist to the worlds of make-believe, speculative happenings and inter-galactic wizardry.

Donation kindly requested.


Farai Chideya is a journalism professor at NYU. You can see/hear/read her on WNYC, BET News, MSNBC, and the Columbia Journalism Review, in which she has this month's cover story. Her four books include the novel "Kiss the Sky." She's working on the young adult science fiction novel "The Naturals."

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