Advertisement Assingment

Analyzing product advertisements

Advertising strategies

Companies always try to change up their ads based on who they are trying to persuade to buy their product or even for people of all ages. This certain that I am Analyzing is for a Lacoste fashion line. This line of clothing has a theme of bright summer colours like pink, coral, orange and yellow. It was probably released around the summer or spring time when this kind of fashion is mostly in demand since everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends. Plus it could be directed towards teenagers and adults because the ad shows those ages of people in it.

Do I agree with their strategy?

I do agree with their strategy because this company used not only attractive colours but they also used young models to dress and sell their products to the public. They used modern and persuading techniques to catch their audiences eyes which is a smart way to get buyers to purchase their product.

Recreating this Ad

If I were to recreate this I would add various races and ages of people to make it a diversed ad and may attract more people to buy their product. Also I would add more eye catching colours into the product because depending on what time of year this product was released in, The product should fit the style and trends of that time in the year. For example judging by this ad I can infer that it was released around the summer or spring time based on the colours and the style of the clothes. So if the ad was released around the fall or winter time then I would infer that the clothes will be more warm, cozy and meant for that time of the year.