Boxing Club of New York

United States v. International Boxing Club of New York

Was often referred to as International Boxing Club or just International Boxing

The government allowed the exemption of boxing because it had been upheld for the MLB which was unique to the sport and that it did not apply to boxing.

Because it met the definition of interstate commerce, the government could therefore proceed with a trial to prove IBCNY and the other defendants had conspired to monopolize the market for championship boxing in the United States.

About the New York Boxing club

In January 1949 James D. Norris and Arthur Witz, who controlled boxing at several major arenas including:

  • Madison Square Garden
  • Chicago Stadium
  • Detroit Olympia

He paid Joey $100,000 to manage his four fighters.

Come see us at Madison Square Garden, Grounds, Yankee, St. Nicholas Arena, Chicago Stadium and Detroit Olympia

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