Key players-Hermann Goering

Part 1

Goering's life

Goering was born In January 12, 1893 in Bavaria and died on October 15, 1946.His father was a member of the colonial service in Africa. Goering found fame in World War One as a fighter ace. He won numerous awards for bravery and was the last commander of the legendary Richthofen Fighter Squadron. By the end of the war, he could claim to have some degree of fame in Germany. Goering’s behaviour became increasingly bizarre as the war progressed. Although he was addicted to drugs such as morphine. He became increasingly lazy and fat. His lifestyle became very different to everyone elsewhich angered many Nazis who were at least aware that the average German was suffering hardships during the Allied bombing campaign.

Hermann Goering in World War One and what things led him in the nazi party

In 1923 Goering took part in the Munich Beer hall putsch but was wounded and had to flee. In 1927 he returned and elected as one of the Nazi party deputies to the Reichstag. Hermann Goering used his contacts to smooth Hitlers road to power. Hermann became the president of the Reichstag and in 1933, he was awarded high office and became the creator of the secret police. Together with Himmler and Heydrich set up concentration camps for political opponents.Goering implemented decrees that destroyed the last remnants of the civil rights in Germany, and purged his rival from SA. In 1935 he was the Commander and chief of the Air Force. In 1936 gained dictatorial control over the general solution in 1941. Goering directed the Battle of Britain and by 1943 he was essentially discredited. On the 9th of May 1945 Goering was captured by the American Army and put on trial at Nuremburg. Goering was sentenced to death, but committed suicide in his cell in 1946.