Renovation Update

Mount Sinai Jewish Center

Progress Report - June 2013

We are pleased to report that the renovation project is running on time and on budget.

Enhancements will include a redesigned Beit Midrash with the capacity to seat 120 people and the re-utilization of our existing space for a multi-purpose room, Rabbi’s study, Holocaust library and a new children’s room. These improvements will allow the Shul greater flexibility for minyanim and programming. We will also have additional rental space for an early child care center, parties, weddings, and other s'machot.

An update on the construction so far:

  • Stabilized the foundation
  • Filled sinkholes beneath the building
  • Replaced old, rusted and leaking pipes
  • Poured new (level!) concrete floor
  • Framed walls and put up sheetrock for the new floorplan
  • Installed new plumbing fixtures
  • Installed new electrical panels and wiring

Beit Midrash Expansion Is Underway

A Couple Months Ago...

The renovation committee can be reached at for questions, suggestions, or comments.