Second Grade Swag!

October 19th - October 23rd

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What We Are Learning This Week

Language Arts: Our story of the week will be Crankenstein by Samantha Berger. We will be looking at problem and solution, sequencing, adjectives, synonyms, and quotation marks. Our spelling this week will be contractions and we will have our spelling test on Friday, October 23rd. Please be sure to practice with your child and let me know if you would like me to send home some extra spelling practice!

Social Studies: We will continue looking at the driving question of What is a map? Students will will hold a class treasure hunt. We will also read and answer questions about maps and explore how maps and map tools help people find places. To wrap up our unit, we will apply new knowledge by drawing our own maps.

Science: This week we will look at the life cycle of plants and insects.

Math: Last week we focused on using addition strategies to solve problems. This week we will shift the focus to using subtraction strategies to solve problems. The goal is to have learner solve addition and subtraction facts up to 20 fluently.

Field Trip to the Dallas Arboretum

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We are really looking forward to our 2nd grade field trip, thank you so much for getting your permission slip and money turned in. We are especially thankful for the wonderful parents who are giving their time and energy to help chaperon, THANK YOU!

On the day of the field trip, please be sure your child is wearing comfortable, weather appropriate clothes and walking shoes. Your child will also need a disposable sack lunch and water bottle labeled with your child's name. Sack lunch and water bottles will be available for purchase from the school cafeteria before we leave.

Websites for kids at home

LAST Kindergarten Color Day!

Kindergarten has been learning how to read and write the color words, as well as recognize the different colors and use them for patterning activities. Please have your child show his/her support by wearing orange on Thursday, October 22nd. THANK YOU!

Schoolwide Enrichment Model

To read more about our SEM journey, please check out the SEM newsletter!

Great Expectations of the Week

Life Principle: Compassion

Quote: "Never judge another man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins." -Native American Proverb

Healthy Tip: Cereal or oatmeal are great choices for a healthy breakfast. Try them with blueberries, raisins, or sliced bananas on top.

Important Dates

*October 20th - Cookie Dough Kick Off

*October 22nd - Wear ORANGE

*October 23rd- End of the first 9 weeks

*October 25th-30th- Red Ribbon Week

*October 28th- 2nd Grade Field Trip to the Dallas Arboretum

*October 30th - Report Cards go home

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