dogs for dummies!!!

wooof woof woof!! ; ]

there are at least 300 breeds of dogs

One of the most popular breeds is a Labradoodle. A breed that is fluffy is a chow. A German shepherd is an excellent watchdog. If you want the fastest dog on earth, get a greyhound!!

there are many facts about dogs that you do not know!!!

A fact about dogs that you probably don’t know is that dogs have been sacrificed to use their blood to ward off “evil spirits.” Dogs are also able to predict the future, especially death. Dogs can only see in black and white. In china it is believed that bad diseases came from the Earth, and dogs helped keep them in the Earth.

dogs have an amazing sense of senses!!

The dogs have the same hearing ability as humans, but they hear sounds that we don’t. The dog’s mouth is just as important as the nose the mouth licks wounds, shows expressions and feels objects. Since the dogs don’t sweat they must pant to cool down the body.


in conclusion there are at least 300 breeds!!there are many, many, facts about dogs that you do not know!!!lastly dogs can do amazing actions with their senses!!!