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doTERRA May Promotions, Events and New Website Info!


Hi everyone--if you received this email, you are enrolled with me in doTERRA and my life is changing in amazing ways. This is our first team page--WELCOME. The purpose of this newsletter is to let everyone know what is happening with our team and doTERRA--the promotions, events and changes. The big one right now is the new website doTERRA has launched with everything we need all in one place. So let's jump right in! I want you all to reach out if you need it. I'm happy to help you. Please let me know if you don't know how to use your oils/supplements-I will help you. They are life-changing. Let me help you.
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Let me know if you want a book ASAP

This is the book I use to direct me with the oils. On Amazon it's around $26 but if I order them in bulk i.e. 25, I can get them for around $16. I'm putting an order in tomorrow--last call for books. It really is the only resource you need for using the oils. Thousands of situations that can happen and the best oil for that situation is listed with directions how to use.
Discover dōTERRA's Loyalty Reward Program

What is LRP?

When I enrolled with doTERRA, I had no intentions of doing a monthly order either. I changed my mind very quickly when I started using the oils. LRP or the Loyalty Rewards Program is for folks who use the oils daily and want to get bigger discounts on the oils. I have many people who have their vitamins on LRP because they know they need them monthly and they will get points back for free products. Anyone who orders oil regularly needs to watch this short video explaining the oils. Basically, at the end of 13 months, you will be earning 30% back off of wholesale. So a $21 (whsl) bottle of lavender would earn you $6 back in product credits.'s that good of a thing!

Who We Are

I started this doTERRA journey simply wanting to keep my family healthier--that's Eben and Jesse to the left over there :) I never intended to build this business but when I couldn't stop telling everyone I know how amazing they are, I ended up here. That and I felt led to give them to anyone who would take them. That's what it's all about for me. The business is a happy accident that began because I wanted others to have what my family has. Reach out to me if you need help with your oils. It is my responsibility to help you. Thank you all!