By:Wesley Nelson

What is fire?

Fires can be extremely dangerous.Fires contain extreme heat that usually comes from combustion within the fuel source. Usually the source determines the size of the fire,things such as cedar,or oak that burn very efficiently.Fires often start from lightning or matches that are thrown out.Fires also contain 1/7 of the worlds global warming.Fires release large amounts of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which both contribute to global warming. Fire needs three things to survive without being put out-a fuel source-oxen-and heat. on top of that, when they reach to extreme sizes,they are nearly impossible to stop. But not all fires are dangerous if they are contained. A fire has a temperature of 752 degrees.

Cool Facts About Fire That Make It Interesting

Fire has always been a wonder for humans. Until recently, fire had not been something that we knew was made of.And for some, just the fact of the heat was enough to catch there attention.
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