All you need to know about food chains, animals...

Here are 3 facts that you should know about Antarctica

1) Antarctica cover an area that measures 14.2 million km². Many years ago ( before there were cars) , there was more ice than land; But thanks the CO2 there is now more land.

2) There are 45 spiecies of bird who live in Antarctica. Two examples of them are the two types of penguins: the emperor penguin and the adélie who live on the whole coast line.

3) The coldest temperature can go down to aproximatly -89.2°.

Antarctica's food chain

In the Antarctica's food chain, the producers of the chain are the: Lichen (live on land), Liverworts (live on land), Mosses (live on land/water), Algae (live on land:water) and finally the Phytoplankton, who lives in water.

The primary consumer in the animal chain is krill (who obviously lives on water).

In this chain, there are a few secondary consumers who are the: Baleen whale, seal, small fish ( with an unfortunately, has an name that do not know) and the blue whale.

The only animal who is in the category of the third consumer in this food chain is the squid.


Now that I have said all of the consumers, I will tell you the few animals that are considered as predators in this food chain:

The animals who in this chain eat the third consumer are any various species of penguins and seabirds. They sadly both get eaten by the Leopard seal who gets eaten next by the the killer whale aka the orca who finally gets killed and maybe eaten by last but not least ... us, humans.

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