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The Best Candy in the Market!

Introducing the newest installation in the candy competition, Gordisbiten! Imported from the finest candy shops in Sweden and made with only the best ingredients, this delicious butterscotch candy will have you feeling like a king with just one taste. Made from only the best materials, this butterscotch is made with a recipe from the best candy makers in the world. With smooth, creamy butterscotch along with a perfectly ripe hazelnut placed in the center of this masterpiece, it would be a shame to miss and opportunity like this. So come on down to Sally's Sweet Shop and pick up a box today for only $1.48! And if you act fast, we'll throw in a box of our brand new Cinnamon Delight candies, Kanel Glädje, free! So come on down and pick up a box today!

Luxury in a Candy,



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