Wanted Dead Or Alive

by Hailey Harris

Edward Teach

aka. Blackbeard

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  • Blackbeard was born in Bristol, England in the 1680's and is believed to have been born into a pretty wealthy family.
  • He was originally a solider in the War Of Spanish Succession, when the war ended many solider's were out of work and began to turn to piracy.
  • Lt. Robert Maynard killed Blackbeard at Ocracoke Island on November 22, 1718 in a hand to hand struggle.
  • Blackbeard was a large, tall man that had a long BLACK BEARD. He was rumored to have put cannon fuses in his beard to frighten enemies.
  • He liked to takeover ships and he often was not mean to those on board if they cooperate. He also liked to marry different women on board.
  • Blackbeard often liked to party and cause fear to others.
  • After settling into a home Blackbeard constantly partied at home with other pirates and began to annoy his neighbors. He also liked to hangout on his ships.
  • Blackbeard was wanted for his outrageous acts and for taking over so many ships. Lt. Maynard shot Blackbeard while someone else slit his throat.