May Hostess Newsletter

Everything for a great Jamberry party, including rewards!

Thank you for hosting a party!

First things first, are you EXCITED about your party?


This is going to be so much fun and we are going to make sure you get the most rewards possible out of this event!

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May Sales Special: Sister's Style Edition/Spring Catalog

You've picked a fabulous month to host a party!

In March, Jamberry unveiled their new Spring/Summer catalogue that includes over 100 NEW wrap designs that people are going to be excited to buy--that means more rewards for you as hostess!

Did you know?

As a hostess, you can earn up to THREE MONTHS of exclusive wraps? These are NOT for sale to the public! Which month is your favorite?

With party sales starting at just $100, YOU earn free wraps. The rewards only go up from there!

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You would make a great consultant and your party can help get you there!

* Once your party earns $250 in sales, you can earn $25 off the consultant kit (25% discount).

* Once your party earns $350 in sales, you can earn $50 off the consultant kit (50% discount).

Hostess Homework

I am going to do most of the work for your party, but here's what you can do to help make sure your party is totally successful:

Before the party:

* Over the next few days, be thinking of who you would like to invite to your party who would be great participants and hostesses. Each person who hosts a party from yours will earn YOU a free 1/2 sheet of wraps as well as earn their own 1/2 sheet. Planting seeds early and often is the best way to ensure success!

* Send me a list of 5 wraps that are on your wish list and I will make a fun collage to send to you. Then, you can post the picture on your Facebook wall and the party and comment about the wraps you chose and that you want them. Just make sure to do this during your 10 day Facebook Jamberry party.

* E-mail the public link that I will send to you the day before the party to people who are not on Facebook. They can begin ordering the day your party starts, so be sure to let them know they don't have to be on Facebook to have beautiful nails! If you want catalogues or paper order forms, just let me know and I will get them to you ASAP!

* Once your Facebook party starts, you should be liking, commenting, sharing, and tagging as much as possible. I will start posting fun pictures, games, and information several times a day so just be sure to comment, play along, and keep it fun! Feel free to post on the event as well if the mood strikes you! The more activity and fun your friends/invitees notice, the more likely they will participate and fall in love with the nails (to purchase -- which helps YOU earn free products)!

* I will create the party and add you to it. You'll see me start posting lots of things and once I'm done (for the moment), I'll let you know when to start inviting people officially. Please add at LEAST 50 people to your party--we give them the option to leave so it's not bugging them. On average, about 1/3 of people even check out the party so there is more opportunity for you to earn your rewards with the more people invited.

During the Party:

* FOR SURE: Because I'm not friends with all of your friends on Facebook, they don't see what I post in the "party/group." It'd be great if you could scroll through once per day to comment/tag/like the posts I've put up or post your own questions, pictures of your nails, and so on, to the party. The more people that see the posts I put up for the party, the more likely they are to join in on the fun and earn you (and themselves) free products!

* WOULD BE AWESOME: Private message friends you see looking at posts but not necessarily liking/commenting. A great message would be something like, "Hey <insert name of friend>, I see you're checking out my Jamberry nails party. Pretty cool designs, huh? Do you have any questions?" That gets the ball rolling and usually gets them to interact even more in the party.

* WOULD ALSO BE AWESOME: I'd love it if you private messaged the friends that ARE really active in the party saying something like, "I'm glad you are playing along and enjoying my Jamberry party! You should consider hosting one as well (or becoming a consultant--extra $ is always good, right?). It's really easy and you and I both get a 1/2 sheet of nails when you can get great rewards!"

If a friend books a party from your party, you can earn more free wraps!

I'll give you AND your friend a half sheet of wraps from my personal stash for each person from your party who books (and keeps) a party within 3 months of yours. There is NO LIMIT to the number of half sheets you can earn so remember to encourage your friends to host their own party too!

Kimberleigh Gildehaus -- Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant