Water For Africa

Help Africa get clean water

The Crisis

One major issue in Africa is water.In places like the Horn of Africa and regions along the Sahel don't have water.Some places also don't have clean water an sanitation. This usually causes many problems.Many children will get sick from the dirty water causing water dehydration and diarrhea.

Issues it causes

This crisis causes problems with people. Girls drop out of school due to not having good sanitation. Girls usually drop out when they reach puberty. Women also can't care for their children due to having to collect water. People with disabilities can't get water because for them it's almost impossible to get. Small children under five easily can get sick from the dirty water.

These people are collecting water for their needs.

Effects and disease of dirty water

In Uganda children are dying from nodding disease caused by parasites in dirty water. Most children mostly die from this disease mostly in South Sudan and neighboring counties near the southern part of South Sudan. Every year 3 million people die from water related diseases. Around 500,000 of them are children. Around 99%of them are form developing countries. In Africa hospitals aren't very clean usually spreading disease which results in more deaths and more ill people.


Water for Africa has helped pipe clean water to near by villages. This helps by improving people's health and preventing disease. Another way we helped is by improving sanitation.