Pay It Forward

by Josh Blaha

Pay it Forward

By: Josh Blaha

Have you ever tripped and hurt your self and had someone helped you up? Well that person just did a random act of kindness. Now you need to “Pay it forward”. What that means is you do something nice for someone else and hopefully whoever you did that nice thing to will do a nice thing to someone else and so on. Imagine if everyone in the world did that to others that would make the world 20 times better, plus everyone would be helpful to others.
Imagine if no one could do those little things the world would be a bad place. Thats why we are doing “Pay it Forward”. It would make the world an amazing place if everyone in the world did just one little thing every day. It sounds like just a little thing but over all it would make a huge difference. Like today I helped my mom and I went out and got the paper. Now hopefully she will do something nice to someone else. And yesterday my mom got my hockey bag in and I took in all the groceries.
Its all called “Pay it Forward” you can do this stuff everywhere like annt home,school or even when you are at stores and work. There is hundreds of things to “Pay it Forward”
Last weekend we went to McDonalds and we were going to order and the lady in front of us dropped her change so me and Andrew helped her pick it up. That was a random act of kindness. Thats what you need to do. And you're making the world a better place one step at a time!
You've probably done thousands of acts of kindness. With not even knowing you’ve done them. So go do more acts of kindness and help make the world a better place every step of the way!
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