Flamenco Music

By Alex Glenn

What Type of Music is Flamenco?

Flamenco, Meaning Flamingo in spanish, is a popular spanish style of music. It is commonly listened to by people of Spain, which makes perfect sense because the Spaniards where the ones who invented it.

History of Flamenco

The start of Flamenco goes all the way back to 1850, and was originally sung by gypsies. This type of dance was embraced and started to thrive. Flamenco clubs opened up all over Spain. However when this music became popular, it became too popular. Everybody everywhere started making their own versions of Flamenco. Eventually Flamenco would see it's lowest point. Then the Spanish civil war struck and that prevented this genre from making a comeback. Flamenco was almost irradiated. However, when the 1950's came around, it renewed the passion for the once great flamenco. Flamenco is a top spanish genre song.


This genre is smooth, romantic, slow, and seductive. Instruments include the tambourine, violin, and now the guitar. Flamenco was originally associated with spanish gypsies back in the 1800's. When dancing, men wear a suit while the women wear a flamenco dress which is a big puffy dress. Some famous flamenco performers are : Sara Baras. Antonio Canales. Joaquin Cortés. Cecilia Gomez. Cristina Hoyos. El Carrete. El Farruco. Farruquito.

Connection to Dance

Palos traditionally fall into three classes: the most serious is known as cante jondo, while lighter, frivolous forms are called cante chico. Forms that do not fit either category are classed as cante intermedio. Cante jondo has clear traces of Arabic and Spanish folk melodies, as well as vestiges of Byzantine, Christian and Jewish religious music.

The Music Today

Today, flamenco music is listen to all throughout latin America and spanish speaking countries around the world. Some artists that perform are : Camaron de la Isla, Ojos de Brujo, Carmen Linares, and Niña Pastori. Flamenco is supposed to pick up again in the near future.