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Braids are a piece of art , they help express your sense of style. Girls use Braids to go along with there fashion statement or there style of the day. That is why Braids are very popular . Every girl must love making different hair braids or just a different hair style.

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Braids go all the way back to 3500 BCE , Its been in many cultures such as Africa, the Americas, Asia, Egypt and even Europe . In Africa braiding was a way of socializing , in Europe they braided hair to keep it clean but the Native Americans braided there hair in with Animal Skin .There are different types of braids , Hundreds of them too.The main types of braids that girls use are English braids , French Braid , Dutch braid , Swiss braids , Multi-strand Braids and A Boho Crown braid . Try one of these braids just for fun or maybe to even go along with your outfit.
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