Year 6 Newsletter

Term 1 - 30th September, 2015

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Welcome to the Year 6 Newsletter

We hope you are enjoying some family time during the public holidays this week and we are looking forward to taking your children on camp next week. Please check the information and kit list on the VLE - Year 6 - Camp button.

General Notices;

  • There will be no homework set this week as we would like you to spend the time getting ready for camp.

  • Remember to bring a packed lunch and snack for the first day of camp. Bring a reusable sandwich box to use during subsequent days.

  • Your child needs to wear home/casual clothes on camp.

  • School Photos will be taken from 12-16th October.

  • Y6 Swim Gala event will be on Friday 16th October. Parents are welcome to attend.

Unit of Inquiry;

Central Idea: Leadership influences the members of a community

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Responsibilities of leaders and the communities (responsibility)

  • Representation of opinions within a community (perspective)

  • How societal decision-making has an impact on communities (causation)

In Social Studies we are focusing on the strand of “Human systems and economic activities”. We will be considering the roles and responsibilities of leaders, the impact of the ways leaders exercise their leadership, and also exploring the distribution of power and authority within personal, regional and global contexts. Students will consider “circles of viewpoints” when discussing the different perspective’s people have. We will be using the Thinking Hats to determine the possibilities and challenges around different types of leadership and the decisions leaders make. Finally, students will have the opportunity to inquire into a leader of their choice and share their interpretation of the approaches, decisions and impact of the decisions made by this person.

We have been busy listening to all of the children's individual presentations. We have been focusing on various skills including: formulating relevant questions for research; understanding different perspectives; and using appropriate multi-media to present information.

ISA Assessments

Year 4 and 6 have been busy completing ISA assessments in maths, reading and writing. As they are international assessments, they will be marked externally and results will be shared with you by Chinese New Year.


Our Environmental Ambassadors and SRC reps were selected democratically within their class. Well done to everyone who applied for these positions. Some of the results were extremely close. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Kennedy School was awarded 'Silver' in the HK Awards for Environmental Excellence and 1st Runner Up in the HK Waste Less Schools Award. Ryan Lizares and Alicia Tan, who have been dedicated SEPAs since year 3, were chosen to collect these awards at the HKCEC on Tuesday.


We have been focusing on Handling real life data- analysis of statistical data and finding different kinds of averages- Mean/Median /Mode. We have been creating accurate graphs using data to 2 decimal places.

Coming Up: After camp, we will be celebrating 'Maths Week' when we will explore many curriculum areas through a mathematical lens. We will also continue our use of data handling in order to create a camp data 'Infographic'.


Through our concept of perspective, we have been developing reasoned arguments and writing expositions based on relevant facts. We have also continued to focus on extended narrative writing.

Coming up: Instructional Writing

Important Dates:

1 October - school closed - Public Holiday

2 October - school closed - CPD Day

6-9 October - Year 6 APA Camp

12-16 October - School Photographs

16 October - Year 6 Swim Gala

19-23 October - HALF TERM HOLIDAY

27 and 29 October - Year 1-6 Parent consultations