1)Mesopotamia is located in Iraq and part of Syria between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. Mesopotamia is a Greek word that means "between the rivers".

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3) Mesopotamia has a generally hot climate, but it receives rain to.

4) Iraq is now where ancient Mesopotamia used to be.

5) Elm City Middle School is approximately 6,361.32 miles from Mesopotamia.


1) Four of the civilizations that lived in ancient mesopotamia were the Hittites, the Kassities, the Assyrians, and the Chaldeans.

2) The requirements of a civilization were for it to have a strong government, a strong arms, and a good population.

3) The importance of the Hammurabi laws are very important because they still exist in out community today. Because things such as stealing, or murdering were against the law in Hammurabi's laws and they're still against the law today.

4)200. If a man knock out the teeth of his equal, his teeth shall be knocked out.

114. If a man have no claim on another for corn and money, and try to demand it by force, he shall pay one-third of a mina of silver in every case.

53. If any one be too lazy to keep his dam in proper condition, and does not so keep it; if then the dam break and all the fields be flooded, then shall he in whose dam the break occurred be sold for money, and the money shall replace the corn which he has caused to be ruined.

55. If any one open his ditches to water his crop, but is careless, and the water flood the field of his neighbor, then he shall pay his neighbor corn for his loss.

251. If an ox be a goring ox, and it shown that he is a gorer, and he do not bind his horns, or fasten the ox up, and the ox gore a free-born man and kill him, the owner shall pay one-half a mina in money.

266. If the animal be killed in the stable by God (an accident), or if a lion kill it, the herdsman shall declare his innocence before God, and the accident in the stable.

5) Gilgamesh was a king of Uruk. The legend says that he was part god and part human. It also states that he was hungry for adventure all the time.

The Historian


1) The farming in ancient mesopotamia was done using a plow, which the Sumerians had invented. The plow was pulled by an ox. This churned up the soil and made farming easy.

2) Poisoned fields contributed because if people had eaten them, they would get food poisoning and then die.

3) Mesopotamians ate soups, fish, fruits, pistachios, and cake on special occasions.

4) People like the Mesopotamians lived near bodies of water because they depended on them for daily resources and for farming.

5) First you had to flood the field with water from the ditch, then you must plough the field using a plow, after that, you must run a harrow through the soil to make it level, then you had to plant the seeds into the ground, then water the field three times, and last of all you

have to harvest it when the plants are ripe.


1) One of the seven wonders of the ancient world was the Hanging gardens of Babylon because the were planted on roofs and terraces and when look at from the ground, they appeared to be hanging from the air.

2) Four inventions from Mesopotamia were 1- the wheel, 2- the chariot, 3- the sailboat, and 4- Cuneiform, the first writing system.

3) Cuneiform was the first writing system, the Sumerians were the creators of it.

4) Forst there was the upper class which included the kings, then the priests, then the lower class which included the farmers/peasants, then the slaves were at the bottom.

5) The ziggurat was a temple in the center of most Sumerian cities. It's purpose was for it to be a place were sacrifices were offered to the gods.