WCPS Youth Apprenticeship Maryland

Help Wanted: Student Job Opportunities


Apprenticeship Maryland offers a unique way for high school juniors and seniors to open doors to a great career with an employer who is invested in keeping you as a highly valued, paid employee.

For Students:

  • Get paid for gaining work experience.
  • Earn credits toward graduation.
  • Receive one-on-one mentoring working side-by-side with high performing employees.
  • Receive a State-issued industry skills certificate upon successfully completing the program.
  • Be qualified to obtain permanent employment and opportunities for further training and education without the responsibility for student loans.

WCPS Apprenticeship Maryland Student Application


Apprentice Business System Analyst

Beacon Grace LLC

20140 Scholar Drive STE 318

Hagerstown, MD

Contact: Becky Willard, 717-688-0325

Preferred Skills:

· Accounting – Grade A or B

· Mathematics & Logic Skills

· Enjoys Creativity

· Desire to go into technology field

The student will be introduced to technology and professional services for the supply chain industry. You may learn about software implementation and consulting. Initially, the student will be introduced to different aspects of the business with guidance, training, and observation. Areas of training may include: Business Acumen; Professionalism; Business Systems; Project Management; Systems Analysis; Proposals; Networking; Requirements Gathering; Data Analysis; etc. Tasks and assignments may include: support business operations, support client projects (admin), research, writing assignments, and training on specific topics.

One part-time position available, $8.75/hour. Submit application to pinemat@wcps.k12.md.us and becky@beacongrace.com.


Furniture Manufacturer

Beachley Furniture

227 North Prospect Street

Hagerstown, MD

Contact: Cheryllee Krasny, 301-733-1910 Ext. 343

Youth apprentices working at Beachley Furniture will experience hands-on training in the art of custom furniture manufacturing. An apprentice will work their way through each department in the factory in order to comprehensively understand all that is involved in building a piece of furniture. Their time at Beachley will consist of training in most, if not all, of the departments. Once an apprentice has seen the entire furniture manufacturing process, he/she may choose an area of interest for the remainder of their apprenticeship and/or eventual permanent job.

One position available, $10.00/hour. Submit application to pinemat@wcps.k12.md.us and cherylleek@beachley.com.

Interior Design, Project Management, Upholstery

Stacy Nicole Interior Design and Furnishings, Inc.

22 N Mulberry Street, Suite 110

Hagerstown, MD

Contact: Nicole Ingram, 240-500-8263

Interior design, including the management or records and clients. Project management by working with designers to provide a finished product. Create products to assist in the design of projects.

Five positions for interior design, two positions for project management, and two positions for upholstery, Detailed Job Descriptions, $8.75/hour. Submit application to pinemat@wcps.k12.md.us and nicole@stacynicole.com.


Computer Numeric Controlled Machinist, Computer Aided Drafting, Computer Aided Manufacturing Technician, Manufacturing Technician

RAMPF Molds Industries

90 Western Maryland Parkway

Hagerstown, MD

Contact: Josef Ott, 301-791-6880

Computer Numeric Controlled Machinist – Utilize drawings and other instructions to select, align and secure fixtures, tools, and materials to modify parts using Computer Numeric Controlled machines.

Three positions available, $9.00/hour. Submit application to pinemat@wcps.k12.md.us and josef@rampf.com.

Computer Numeric Controlled Machinist

DVF Corporation

9455 Earley Drive

Hagerstown, MD

Contract: James Wolfe, 301-416-7497

Basic shop theory, machine set-up, basic programming of Computer Numeric Controlled machines. Machine operation and production of parts.

One position available, $9.75/hour. Submit application to pinemat@wcps.k12.md.us and jw@dvfcorporation.com.