Amplifying Audience Engagement


Benefits for Customers and Brands

  • Engage guests at a live event with user-generated social feeds
  • Power more integration for a brand's sponsorship with the guests
  • Create FOMO for those not attending the event, driving interest and potential ticket sales for the next event
  • Monetize audience downtime by showcasing promotions on a video wall during crowd wait-times (i.e., entrance lines, change of band or speakers onstage, transitional intermissions)
  • Curate the event's social media streams, arranging the most interesting content's visibility
  • Maintain ongoing branding and visibility to an audience long after the event is over
  • Build relationships with clients, media, and the community
  • Analyze the social content to pinpoint who your most influential guests are


  • Sports Venues
  • Corporate Events
  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences
  • Fashion Shows
  • Food & Wine Festivals
  • Parties
  • Weddings

Potential Revenue Generation

Event Planners





Initial Cities


Charleston Fashion Week
South Carolina Stingrays

DIGSouth Conference


South By Southwest
US Formula One Race
Austin City Limits
Austin Fashion Week

New York

New York Fashion Week

NY Internet Week

San Francisco

Los Angeles

Snapcastr at Charleston Fashion Week

Strategic Partnerships and Introductions

Direct connection - with the organizers of large-scale events

Resell - include the service in proposals for event planning for brands

Boots-on-the-ground - Flexibility to schedule in-person meetings in any of the target cities

Capital introductions - to Angel funding and VC for future investment in the company