March 2013

AMAZING MARCH setting us up for an AWESOME APRIL!!!

March was truly full of Madness! Several of you really stacked up the credits to help boost an even better summer display!

HUGE Shoutouts to Lauren Whitfield and Mandy Owens for their incredible sales this month....Mandy broke $3,000 and Lauren broke $4,000!

CONGRATULATIONS to Heather Stepp for sponsoring the amazing Kim Moseley on March 22. Within days, Heather promoted to Lead Stylist and by March 31st, Kim had qualified! (WAY TO GO KIM!!!!) What else did that mean for Heather? 3000 GLAM points!

Of course we are all tickled to see the new tote bags and summer jewelry line! What an amazing opportunity this will be...this is doubling our exposure in the accessories market!

Don't forget...April is the month to sell Mother's Day gifts, Graduation gifts, and bridal party gifts! Typically it is one of our biggest sales months...go get them!

Looking to promote or build a team? Use that Sponsoring Special this month to pick up some new team members! Need help coaching or guiding? That's what I am here for!

I want to see you in VEGAS for Hoopla AND in Mexico for GLAM GETAWAY!

What is your Glam Goal? Share it with us and we will all cheer you on!

Check our Pearly Girls Facebook Page for all team incentives....look for "Beat your Best!"

March Kudos

Pearly Girls who qualified and more in January and February!

January Sales

Heather Stepp $4,016

Laura Reynolds $3,343

Mandy Owens $1,683

Katie Hinely $941

Amy Snook $886

Lauren Whitfield $516

February Sales

Laura Reynolds $7,201

Amy Snook $2,400

Heather Stepp $1,151

Lauren Whitfield $1,019

Mandy Owens $929

Kimberly Cochran $767

Katie Hinely $579

Kaley Wilson $527


Laura Reynolds 1 (January)