Neptune: The Place To Be


neptune is the place to be. At a nice cool average temperature of -346 degrees fahrenheit neptune is an amazing place to live. It's the 8th planet from the sun and has 14 moons that residents can travel too. Forget about Earth Neptune is 4 times bigger which means big pieces of land. and we can't forget about that amazing blue. just look at it. Since neptune is a giant gas planet we get these amazing hoverboards to float around on so forget about traffic with hoverboards there is zero worry about traffic.

The hoverboard

Every neptune resident will receive a hoverboard since Neptune is a gas giant planet. with the hoverboard there is no traffic and you can go anywhere on neptune in a matter of seconds and for the little ones and the elderly get a bubble to protect them while their in the sky.
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In Neptune you will be able to wear thick comfy layers of clothing to keep you warm all year long since the average temperature is -354 fahrenheit, but don't worry you'll stay warm with our heavy duty warm clothes meant for these cold temperatures.
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There are many fun things to do on Neptune like rock boarding, hoverboarding, stargazing, trips to the different moons of Neptune, moon fishing, slingshot rides, jetpack rides , and much more.


Can we go to any of neptune's moons? Of course we can with a small fee of $20 dollars you can go to any of Neptune's 14 moons on a small shuttle of 40 each shuttle, and when you get to one of the moon's you get to have a full day [which is 16 hours and 6 minutes of fun on that moon. You can choose from Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Galatea, Larrisa , proteus, Triton, Nereid, Halimede, Sao, Laomedia, Psamathe, Neso, and S/2004 N 1
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How will we survive on Neptune?

Normally humans could not live on neptune but before we take you in our very luxurious fast cruise for 12 weeks you will take a pill that makes you immune to neptune’s harsh living conditions. There are no side effects and you only have to take it once in your entire life.