Nathan Balcezak 1st Hour

Origin Of Krokadil

Krokodil was first heard of in Russia and it became popular really fast since it was cheap and the high lasted for and hour and a half.Then it went threw the Ukraine and became popular their too, not to long after it did in Russia then it grew to heroin addicts all over because there was a very little to none so they changed over to Krokodil and became hooked on that because like heroin it is addicting.

Slang/Street Names

  • Poor Mans Heroin
  • Zombie Drug
  • Russian Magic
  • Himiya
  • cheornaya
  • crocodil
  • krokodil

Facts And Information

The average life span for someone who is taking Krokodil is 2-3 years. Krokodil is made of gasoline,iodine,lighter fluid,codeine,industrial cleaning oil, and paint thinner. The way you take the drug is by injection threw a needle and you usually inject it in the arm or groin.When you inject it, it will start to dissolve your veins and bones.And if that doesn't happen fast enough your skin will turn black or green and scaly which will rot,harden, then fall off. Krokodil also dissolves nervous system and the circulatory system because of the gasoline.It causes bone damage,amputated limbs,speech impediments,poor motor skills and various degrees of brain damage.For the people that go and get treatment are going to end up with brain damage and most likely amputations they go threw so much pain that they have to be heavily tranquilized because patients pass out from the pain withdraw causes insomnia,nausea,diarrhea,extreme muscle cramping,depression,and aches.