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December 2022

A Message From the Principal

Hello Madison Families!

It is an absolutely wonderful time of the year! It’s so much fun watching students make grand connections in their learning and becoming amazing citizens of our Madison community. So many of our students are following ‘The Madison Way’ each and every day they are here at school.


Recently, you may have heard that the state released our school report cards. I am so thrilled to announce that Madison’s score went up significantly from the previous year and maintained a status of “Exceeds Expectations.” We look forward to continuing the push toward “Significantly Exceeds Expectations’ - we know we can do it!

It is through the collective efforts of students, staff members, and families that all of this is possible and each of those pieces makes Madison the best place to be. Thank you for your dedication to our school, learning, and growth that has made such a difference. Please take a moment to look over the School Report Card and celebrate the success with your family. #MadisonProud


Lately, we have had a big influx of Pokemon cards coming to school. Unfortunately, these cards have caused an increase of unwanted student behaviors. Please note that going forward, Pokemon cards will not be allowed at school. If educators see a student with Pokemon cards they will be taken from them and held until the end of the day when they will be sent home. We want to make sure that the materials kids hold near and dear to their heart stay safe and are well taken care of so the best place for those materials is at home. Thank you for your understanding in this and your diligence in keeping our school safe!


We have officially entered the coldest part of the year. With that, however, comes a strain on some families in order to provide their children with the necessary gear to be safe and warm outside. Throughout this season, if you find that you have snow gear that is in good condition that your children have outgrown and you are looking to get rid of it, our school would welcome it with open arms. We want to know that each of our students is safe, warm, and able to participate in this wonderful season.

Thank you for your continued efforts and thank you for making Madison a school we all can be proud of.


Rachel De La Cruz

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, December 5th - Staff Development Day- No school for students
  • Tuesday, December 13th - Book for a Buck - Have your child bring $1-$2 to purchase books during their lunch period.
  • Thursday, December 15th - Holiday Concert at 10am and 2pm. Both performances are the same.
  • Monday, Dec 19th - PTO meeting at 5:30pm in Madison library
  • Friday, December 23rd-Sunday, January 1st - Holiday Break

Band & Orchestra - Important Dates to Remember

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4K Registration for 2023-2024

The MPSD offers a FREE four-year-old kindergarten program for children who will be 4 on or before September 1, 2023. Information regarding the registration process will be mailed to eligible families after the winter break. To ensure your child is on this list, please email with your child's name, birthdate and address. If you have specific questions, please call 920-686-4786. Thank you!
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The Counselor Corner - Helpful stress reduction tips for the holiday season

Plan Ahead

Create a plan of what you all want to accomplish and make sure that your list is doable. Try not to overcommit or create a loaded schedule as this can sometimes lead to stress. Do what you can, and that will be just fine.

Be Realistic

Remember it is important to be realistic about scheduling, especially during the holidays. There is always so much to accomplish and not enough time to do it all, so set a realistic plan to enjoy as much as you can and avoid too many commitments.

Stay Active

Take a walk or spend time committing to an exercise plan. The benefits of being active are tremendous! Also, winter offers some great opportunities to exercise that we only get to experience for a limited time each year.

Set Aside Differences

Remember that the holidays offer great opportunities to rest, relax, and connect with those whom you enjoy being around. Do your best to set aside differences, knowing that the holidays are times of great celebration and rest!

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Remember to take time to understand your feelings and feel free to share that with friends and family who can help during this time. Remember to focus on what you need and do your best to enjoy the beautiful season of winter.

Sara Schultz

Madison Elementary School Counselor


office phone: 920.663.9662

mobile phone: 920.320.1211

The Reading Corner

Hello Cougar Families and Happy December!

This month the reading team would like to introduce you to a type of text that is great to use with beginning readers and readers working on mastering the application of their phonics skills. There are specific types of books called decodables!

The information below is taken from the following source:

Please click the link to learn even more!

What are decodable texts?

Decodable books are simple books that are written for the beginning reader and contain the specific grapheme–phoneme correspondences students have learned. This provides learners with the opportunity to use their developing segmenting and blending skills to read words in order to develop automaticity, or the ability to recognize words quickly and effortlessly, and experience independent reading success.

Decodable books encourage children to sound out words using decoding strategies rather than guessing from pictures or predicting from other cues. They can be introduced once beginning readers have learned some simple grapheme–phoneme correspondences and can blend from left to right.

All books and text are ‘decodable’ in the sense that they can be read, but only if the reader has sufficient reading ability for the complexity of the text. For beginning readers, the only books that are truly decodable are those that contain the alphabetic code they have learned.

The type of reading material we first give to students sets their ‘reading reflex’ — the habit of using knowledge of letter–sound relationships as the first strategy for reading unfamiliar words. Decodable readers that enable students to ‘sound out,’ rather than guess, unknown words develop this reflex and lead to more successful independent reading. Mesmer (2005) found that children were more likely to apply their phonics knowledge, read more accurately, and needed less assistance when reading decodable books.

Of course, decodable texts are not the only texts to be included in the beginning reader’s diet. Teachers and parents should read high quality children’s literature that contains more complex vocabulary and sentence structures with students every day. This gives children the opportunity to hear good reading models, as well as develop the vocabulary and syntax that will support their reading development.

Next month we will provide more information about decodable books and how they are different from leveled readers.

Happy Reading!

The Madison Reading Team

Nursing News - Winter Wellness

With the weather getting colder outside, it’s important to keep a healthy routine. Winter health can be tough to maintain without the right plan. Here are some tips to stay healthy this winter:

  • Extra Sleep

    • With the shorter, cooler days and longer nights, our bodies naturally need more sleep. Try going to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual in the winter months. A sleep deprived body is more susceptible to illness.

  • Exercise Outside

    • Bundle up and get outside. Exercise naturally supports a healthy mood and energy levels. Even a 15 minute walk can make a difference.

  • Stay Social

    • The winter months can naturally cause people to turn inward and be more isolated. Make a date with friends or family members at least once a week to stay connected.

  • Eat Protein

    • Protein helps keep blood sugar levels stable and can reduce sugar cravings. Many people increase carbohydrate and sugar intake during the winter months, which can compromise the immune system.

  • Fruits and Veggies

    • During winter months, it’s more important than ever to get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every single day. Think “eat like a rainbow” when you are grocery shopping.

PTO News

Tuesday, Dec. 13th - Book for a Buck!

During lunch periods students will have the opportunity to purchase a book for $1. Money can be given to their teacher before day of event, maximum of $2 per student.

Monday, Dec 19th - PTO meeting at 5:30pm in Madison library

The topic to be discussed: school dance in January. Volunteers will be needed. Please consider attending meeting or emailing to let us know you are interested in helping.