by Carson Rowles

Got To Go Fast

The Bonneville Salt Flats was founded in 1907 two businessmen tested the suitability of the salt for Driving on by taking a Pierce-Arrow onto the surface.Of the flats found in Utah. The salt flats is its own national park where speed records as fast as 876 mph. The next record to break soon will be 1,000 mph. the mane event at the Bonneville salt flats is speed week some body has broken 12 records with 3 pistons left working in a v8 engine.

Why is the Bonneville Salt Flats important?

The Bonneville Salt Flats are important because if the Bonneville Salt Flats wasn’t found, world speed records wouldn’t have been created there. If the two businessmen never found the salt flats, the information that was collected there wouldn’t exist to this day.

And the movie the world's fastest Indian whoed of ben made at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Fun Facts

Fact1. The move the world's fastest indian was filmed there

Fact2. The world’s fastest man has gone 876 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats

Fact3. In 1935 the world's fastest speed record was 301.129 mph by a man named Campbell

Fact4.Utah makes about $1.3 billion every year from The Great Salt Lake ($1.1 billion in mineral extraction