Enchanted Hearts Kirtan and…

This time we are connecting to our chant family at Harmony Studios and adding to the experience with some food and fellowship. Please know that you are welcome to come, no experience necessary!!!
We start with "OM" and go passionately into our practice of connection to the Divine through call and response chanting, putting our voices to the the music of our souls. Marni Task will lead us through this journey with the Enchanted Hearts of Rick, Char and Josh.....and of course YOU.
This is NOT a performance or a workshop, this is a devotion of and a journey to the heart called Bhakti Yoga. Let's chant, dance and absorb this practice together.

Enchanted Hearts Kirtan and Community Pot Luck

Sunday, Oct. 19th, 4pm

38180 Third St


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.