Wired on Wednesday

February 10, 2016

Learn More About Google Books

Books in the public domain are available for easy access in Google Books. Scanned copies are at your fingertips in an easy to search format. Find out more in Richard Byrne's video below.
How to use Google Books for research

Students Can Sync District Passwords!

Do you have students who constantly forget their Google or OneDrive passwords? If they remember their computer login, they can sync all three. Just have them follow the directions below.

1. Log in to the computer using your regular password.

2. After you are logged in hit ctrl + alt + delete button once.

3. When you see this screen choose “change password”.

Big image
5. Put in your password where it says “old password”.

6. Now STOP.

7. Does your old password have between 8-16 characters, AND a capital letter, AND either a number or symbol, AND does NOT include your name or student number?  If yes, then you do not need to make up a new password, you may just re-enter your current password where it says new password and confirm.  If no, then you need to create a new password that meets the criteria above.

8. Click on the arrow. You should get a message that your password has been reset.

Now the same password works for your District Account, Google Account, and Microsoft OneDrive!