Web 2.0

How communication has advanced

What is Web 2.0? What is Social Media? What comes next??

How does it differ from previous technologies?

One of the greatest differences is how fast we can relay information now compared to when we were using web 1.0. The introduction of web 2.0 resulted in a more user directed era in the technological world, typically seen on social media sites.
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Web 2.0 has allowed communication to flourish over the years. Business meetings can be held across countries thanks to the speed and reliability of the new system. It has truly advanced our way of communication in every way possible. Instant messaging results in immediate changes, quickly shared news, and necessary message exchanges. Some say that it has bred a more technology dependent country, but it has also bred a more technology efficient country and in the business world time is money. Web 2.0 was the gateway to proficiency and success.
Web 2.0 services

This is a website that goes into detail about the services and tools that the very advanced web 2.0 offers.


By Brittany, Hudson, and Micah