¡Costa Rica 2014!

Summer of our lives.

The Costa Rica trip, this past summer, will always stick with me. Costa Rica introduced many new things, such as foods and customs. It was the highlight of my summer, we explored the country from the highlands to the western coast. We danced with the locales, rafted with the pros, and sailed with the dolphins.

The Costa Rica trip sticks with me, because of all the great memories we created, experienced with one another. On the trip I learned to be be humble, and cherish who and what we have at home. Relationships are important, whether the person is five miles away or 3446 miles away: its great to have international connections. Most people on the trip became adventurers- they tried things they thought they wouldn't. Fingers crossed, we hoped for the best, exceeding our expectations.

I am still in touch with my home stay family from Costa Rica through Facebook. We share new experiences and events in our lives. I hope that one day I can revisit Costa Rica, or that my Costa Rican can come visit me one day here in the U.S. While in Costa Rica, I made so many new friends. I met three other Diegos, which to me was awesome because I have never met another Diego before. I only keep in touch with one of the Diegos, our tour guide, he is some one that I will never forget and will always be willing to take me back.