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Issue #21? 4/14-4/18

Classroom News

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This was a great week! We focused on making good choices everywhere we go, and each student created a "Good Choices Book" that will go home in Tuesday folders next week. Talk with your child about the good choices in the book and following up after school will help them think consciously about the choices they are making when they are here.

In math classes, we've been learning about place value, and next week we will start working on telling time. This is a great skill to practice at home if you aren't already. We will talk about both analog and digital clocks and practice telling time to the hour and half hour (maybe even quarter hour!)

Chopstick is relaxing in the classroom this weekend!

The Star next week will be Tucker!!

Weekly Happenings


We had a super star day on Monday and earned ourselves some extra recess! The first grade teachers also showed students how to safely use the round monkey bars on the play structure, so those are now a fun new option during outside recess!


On Tuesday we read a book called "Chinatown" about a place that's special to the author. Next week, we will write our own books about places that are special to us. Mine will definitely be about the beach! Some students were unsure of a place they could write about, so ask your child about their special place!


On Wednesday we finished reading The Tale of Despereaux! Next week, we will watch the movie (rated G!) and talk about some of the things that were different. We already thought of a couple while we were reading!


In thinking about making good choices, we also talked about what makes a good friend and a good classmate this week. On Thursday, we drew names out of a box and wrote a friendly message to a secret someone in our class. We sure felt happy after reading our notes!!


Today, Ethan's family was kind enough to bring in their six chicks so we could see, pet, hold, and learn about them! It was SO exciting! Only 3 weeks old, they were just starting to get their feathers and they were so tame and understanding when passed from child to child! It was definitely a learning experience for me, and Mrs. Nichols shared some great facts with us! Ask your child something they learned!

Upcoming Events

4/22 Earth Day

4/22 Report Cards go home

4/22 Volunteer Breakfast at 9 am in the Cafeteria

4/25 Arbor Day

5/5-5/9 Teacher Appreciation Week!

5/9 School House Rock @ 6:30 pm

5/19 Isaac's Birthday!

5/23 Glow Run @ 7 pm

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