The Crucible

John Proctor

John Proctor has a wife named Elizabeth Proctor and they have two sons. John Proctor was a farmer and he had his own land to grow crops and take care of him family. John had an affair with a girl named Abigail Williams. John Proctor was accused of being a witch and went to jail, because of adultery . During the Salam Witch Trails John tryed to tell the court that Abigail Williams and the girls was pretending to see things and John Proctor said I know she is lying, because I made love with her. Reverend John Hale believed what John was saying and the court knew what they was doing was wrong but the court didn't want to look like fools so they continued to believe the Abigail and the girls. John was told that his wife Elizabeth was going to have a baby. John was hanged, because he refused to put his name on the document of committing of being a witch and the court would not alow John to have the pride for his own name.
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Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams is a troublemaker and a liar. Abigail was accusing alot of people of being a witch including John Proctors wife Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail Williams usted to work for the Proctors, but Elizabeth found out that there was something going on with Abigail and John and told Abigail that she was fired and to leave. When the Salam Witch Trials was going on Abigail and the girls was pretending to see things in the court room and started freaking out. People in the court room was like I don't see anything there is nothing there. When people started getting hanged, Abigail broke into the church and stoled a lot of money and ran off. Abigail caused a lot of trouble for the people in Salam and caused a lot of people to lose their lives.
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Giles Corey

Giles Corey is a Christan, he has been married three times. He is married to his third wife, who is different than his other two wifes. His third wife likes to read, and Giles think it's wired for a woman wanting to read books all the time. Giles tells someone that his wife reads wired books and his wife goes to jail because she is accused of being a witch. Giles Corey goes to the court to see if they will let his wife go. Giles over heard a convensation and told the court about what he heard and when the court ask him to give him the person's name Giles said no, because you have already took someone away from me, because of my mouth and I am not about to let you put someone in jail just,because I said something. The court put Gailes Corey in jail, because of false testimony. Giles Corey is soon sent to be killed by being crused to death with rocks and the last thing Giles Corey said was "More Weight".
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The Themes Intolerance

Intolerance was used a lot in the play by Abigail and the girls. They were blaming other people of being witches when they were the ones dancing out in the woods that night. Abigail and the girls are not going to tell the truth, because they know they will be in a lot of trouble and they thought it would be easy just to name out a bunch of people names and get them in trouble in stead. Abigail and the girls didn't realize what they have done until Reverend John Hale came to Salam to see if witchcraft was being used. Abigail and the girls had to keep the same story one little hint or something missing would throw there game off.


Hysteria was used in the play when the court was sending people to be hanged,because they didn't confess to witchcraft. Some people went to jail and some  got tortured. This one guy Giles Corey who was crushed to death with rocks, because he didn't give up the name of a person talking about witchcraft. John Proctor got hunged, because he didn't sign the document for confessing of being a witch.  


Judge Danforth is the best example for this word, because he didn't care about the people of Salam all he cared about was his self. He sent innocent people to be killed and people tried to stop him, because they knew that too many people have died over this witchcraft and it was nothing but lies. He didn't listen to anyone so Danforth sent three people to be hanged. Another person who is reputaltion is Abigail Williams, because she wanted Elizabeth Proctor to go away so her and John could be together. Abagail didn't get what she wanted and people found out later in life that it was all a big joke Abigail and the girls played.  

Modern Conection

Our world has a modern conection to "The Crucible", because everywhere we go now someone is always getting hurt or killed. We have people that don't care about others and they are all about there self just like Abigail. Abigail didn't want to help the girls she just wanted to get her self out of trouble and leave forget about all thoese people who got hurt or died. In our court rooms today there are people who killed someone and got let go but a person who didn't do anything wrong gets life in prision what is wrong with that. Just like when John Proctor was trying to tell the court about Abigail and her lying they didn't believe him so they let her go and he ends up getting hunged. It is not fair to the people that lost a love one over something unjustices. You know if someone got let go for muddier they are going to strike again and again and again until he/she gets caught again. Until we get the justices back in our society our world is not going to change and you know what the bad part is there are kids growing up seeing this and parents are not doing anything to try to stop it. It is in video games and it is on T.V. and I mean just look around it is not safe for anyone especially for a little kid that don't know no better. If people would read or watch the movie "The Crucible" you would really realize how much it is the same it may be different time periods, but it is still the same.