Friar Laurence

By: Kaitlyn Marsh

Theme: People should evaluate all options and recognize the good and bad outcomes.

Act 3 scene 3

"Go hence; good night and here stands all your state... or by the break of day disquised from hence sojourn in Mantua, ill find out your man and he shall signify from time to time" (1060). Friar Laurence is speaking to Romeo and explaining how hes going to Mantua, and will get updates once in awhile. But Friar should have tried a more simple plan that would help Romeo and Juliet be together, Friar never thought anything wrong would happen, and he should have been up to date with his delivery man that was going to inform romeo about the plan so he would have known what was going on.

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Act 4 scene 1

"And this distilled liquor drink thou off... a cold and drowsy humor for no warmth, no breath shall testify thou livest" (1075). Juliet and Friar are talking about the potion and what its going to do to her and the effects while shes asleep, like how she is going to be pale and cold. When Friar and Juliet were discussing the plan Juliet made a compulsive decision to take the potion because she was so angry that she might of had to marry Paris, so she would do anything to not. Neither one of them thought anything would go wrong and didn't really discuss through the plan thoroughly.
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Act 5 scene 2

" I could not send it, here it is again nor get a messenger to bring it thee so fearful were they of infection" (1090). Friar Laurence meets with his delivery man Friar John and he tells him the bad news about how the letter didn't get to Romeo. This relates to the theme because Friar didn't evaluate what could go wrong if the letter didn't send and Romeo never recieved the letter. That caused a tremendous problem because once Romeo heard that Juliet died he went into fear and got back to the city as fast as he could to go find a potion that would kill him. Once he found one he went to Juliet and drank to potion and died. None of this would have happened if Romeo would have got the letter in time and heard that Juliet was going to take a potion that was going to put her into a deep sleep.
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Act 5 scene 3 Theme

"The noble Paris and true Romeo dead... Romeo there dead, was husband to that Juliet and she there dead, that Romeo faithful wife" ( 1100). Once Romeo and Juliet are both dead Friar goes to talk to the prince to announce the news. This all comes together to explain the theme because of this horrible ending to the story, and the reason it ended so horrible is because of bad decisions and fear, and also because of problems that popped up and caused the whole plan to become a huge disaster. Friar should have had a back up plan for when those problems occured like the letter not being sent to Romeo. During the scene when Romeo went back to see Juliet, he eventually killed himself with a potion, and then just a couple minutes after Romeo died Juliet woke up from her sleep realizing that Romeo had died. Friar tried to get her out of there without seeing Romeo but when she saw him she told Friar to leave, she tried getting some of the potion of of his lips, but when that didn't work she took his dagger and stabbed herself. This all ties up to the theme of how people should evaluate all different options in a situation and realize the good and bad things that could happen
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