Bright Lights from Mr. B

Summertime in Fall

MAP assessments on the chromebooks

This year, with the purchase of more Chromebooks, our 5K-4th grade students are taking the annual assessment (fall, winter, spring-in reading and math) uwing the new technology. The computer lab isn't being used for the assessments because the children remain in the familiar confines of their classrooms. The assessments began this week and will continue through next week. Results will be available shortly after all grade levels are completed.

Lots of Learning

There's lots of learning going on here!

Today completed our third week of school. The students are doing amazingly well, the staff is providing engaging lessons, and I can't believe how often I see the students reading, even on the playground. Students are working on their own, with partners, and in small groups. They are polite and cooperative and encouraging. The staff notices, and so do I. Thanks for sharing your children with us!

Practice to evacuate

Our best laid plans to have a fire drill today were postponed to Monday due to moving the MAP schedule. There were some technical issues with the MAP server so classes couldn't take the tests. So we bumped the testing to today which then impacted the fire drill. We alternate AM and PM so that children will be in different locations and they can learn to exit in an efficient and safe manner. This also helps our 4K am/pm classes get their opportunity to learn to evacuate safely.

Library continues its renovation

Our incredible library continues to add to its fascinating space with big and subtle additions. Here is our custodian, Mr. Peterson measuring, drilling, and hanging a door, not really a door, and imaginary door. He takes great pride in his work. The tree is new as well and adds so much to our unique library.
Big image

Mike Budisch, Head Learner

These three children read during the summer, along with lots of their friends, and turned in their reading logs to be eligible to make me into a sundae. Our school joined together in the cafeteria last Friday to celebrate with ice cream. Thanks to our literacy coaches for their commitment to our summer readers. Thanks to those families who signed all of the logs too.