Hemlock Wooly Adelgid



Japan and China

How did hemlock wooly adelgid spread to other areas?

Adelgid eggs and tiny nymphs are abundant from March through June. They are easily distribute by wind, birds, deer and other mammals. Humans can also spread the insect moving infested plants.

How far it has spread?

The hemlock woolly adelgid first appeared on the East Coast of the US in the early 1950s and quickly became established in the dense forests of Virginia.

The damage it has done

Hemlock woolly adelgid are usually located near the bark at the base of the needles. The plants are injured by the adelgids by inserting their piercing-sucking mouthparts into the base of the needles and removing the plants fluids. Adelgid populations may cause a decrease in tree health. The results are premature needle drop, reduced twig growth, dieback, or death of trees.