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How would it feel to be the best in the world at something? U.S. Soccer Goalkeeper - Hope Solo knows exactly what this feels like. She is said to be the world’s greatest goalkeeper by most people, but this title (no doubt) was hard-earned and came with many struggles along the way…


Her dad taught her to play when she was very young. little did he know it would erupt into something this big. On her high-school soccer team she played as a forward. After graduating Hope went to the University of Washington. She played as a goalie for the first time in college, most colleagues probably did not expect her to do very well since it was a new position. immediately, Solo shocked everyone with her stunning born ability. Later when it came time to graduate from college, (Hope admits) she skipped her graduation to accept an offer from and play for the Philadelphia Charge.


This last minute decision was a very effective one. Solo almost chose to do Basketball in college, and things would have been VERY different. She obviously has natural ability in soccer, one of the best in the world. “She is so devoted she missed her college graduation to play for the Philadelphia Charge,” says CBS Sport articles. After only playing the position of goalie for about 5 years, she was drafted to be a starting goalkeeper for the U.S professional team. “She is 1 of only 4 in World history to play a full game” according to Los Angeles times. This proves people definitely see her potential and believe in her.


Life has never been easy for Hope, but she stayed strong. She never had much support from her family at home, but she rose above and graduated high-school with a 3.70 GPA (92% grade point average). Even though she never had many good examples at home, she tries to be the best example she can be. This includes running marathons to raise money, and participating in Game Changers to fulfill the dreams of kids meeting their sports heroes (according to We can’t let what people say scare us; we can’t let what people are known for scare us. People change. Solo can personally relate, well known players scared her once and she let some shots in she shouldn’t have. She states “ There is no doubt in my mind I could have made those saves… You have to live in the present, and you can’t live by big names.” She apologizes to her team and regrets letting her fears get in the way of winning the game. No matter what life throws at her she is ready to take like a warrior and stand up for those she cares about.


She was raised by her mom, because her father was very unstable. Yet, her father had the greatest impact on her life. He was the start of everything. From teaching her to play soccer to inspiring her to rise above what others think. He's had many bumps in the road, and at times made her life harder, but Solo persevered and kept succeeding. Things like her difficult family situation caused her to be strong (emotionally and physically) and makes Hope wiling to fight for what matters to her, on and off the field. Her Dad showed her second chances. He died in late 2007, but luckily before he died Hope Solo got to clear things up with him and when he died they were on good terms. He never got to see her be in the Olympics or go to the World Cup 3 times, but she knows that what he did see made him proud (that is all that matters to her).Deep down she knew he was a good person that took a few wrong turns and got lost along the way.


Solo believes in giving people and chance to change and do something beyond what they expect. "The people that came before us fought for our rights and gave us our foundation" she states in one of her blogs ( Many women have fought for other girls to have a chance play sports. Solo wants to honor that and show the public that girls are capable of doing good in sports too. She has proven that she isn't afraid to stand up when the everyone is against her (the press has beaten her down again and again) and after each time she achieves her goals and does better than before. "I've been through a lot in my personal and family life. That turned me into a fighter. I always strive to be the best i possibly can." Hope admits in her book "Solo: A Memoir Of Hope". Solo enjoys proving others wrong and rising above reproach. She thinks everyone should get an equal chance to be the best they possibly can and prove people wrong too.


She has fallen many times along the way, but for each time she has fallen she has gotten up one more. No doubt, she has room for improvement, but she has come a long way already. We can only hope, Solo will continue to impress and amaze America and the World in everything she does.
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Team picture at this year's World Cup, when America took first place (due to to many of Hope Solos saves).

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Hope Solo at one of the previous World Cups


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