Heroin Addiction

Places for help By: Sakina Abidi 6J

Hey kids! Listen Up!

Have you ever seen someone getting an injection? Well don't worry people usually get it so they can stay away from diseases. But have you ever heard people injecting illegal drugs or chemicals into their bodies? Yeah I know, crazy right! Well there's this one drug known as heroin that is MAINLY used to inject into your body. People are highly addicted to this drug just like any other drug so that's why I'll be talking about places for help when addicted to heroin.
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What is Heroin anyways!?

Heroin is a highly addictive illegal drug. There are many forms of heroin but the most common one is powder and just like before there are many ways you can consume it but the most common way is by injecting and (or) snorting through the nose. Some of it's street names include H, smack, horse, boy, black, brown, and tar. So if anyone ever asks if you want a pack of horse maybe it would save to refuse it.
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Places for help!


If you didn't know already rehabilitation (also known as rehab) means bringing someone or something back to it's original state. So in the case of drugs, if you are extremely addicted to heroin or any other drug than you can get a medical or psycho therapeutic treatment. Which obviously will take time but in some time will get the person using heroin or any other drug to their original form.
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Family (parents/guardians, siblings)

I know that many of you out there reading my article tell your parents tons. Like what you did in school and your friend life and you basically fill your parents in on everything. Not only that but, whenever you need something or if you are having trouble with something you always go to them in that case right? Well let's just say your addicted to heroin, and you haven't told your parents yet. The first thing you need to do is tell your parents about your addiction to drugs. I understand why you might be holding it off but once you tell your parents I promise you they will be able to help! They're your family and they want to keep you safe. So please be brave and tell your parents about what's happening in your life.
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My message to you

Just Remember...

Now that you understand what my article is about (hopefully) I want you to keep one thing in mind. Your not alone! Once you do something wrong or something you can't fix on your own, just remember you have others by your side no matter what the situation be. Just keep in mind that no matter how far wrong you've gone, you can always choose to turn around. :)

Sakina A. ^.^

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