Grade 6 Extended


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I have a dream...

This week the children faced new challenges as they stood in front of huge audiences to win the hearts, minds and votes of children from Grade 2 to 6 to be the next House Captains. Through great unity, enthusiasm and commitment, which they all demonstrated in abundance over the last two weeks, aided every child during the preparations for this week.

At the start we had 12 children wanting to run. On Wednesday morning 28 children stood as a candidate. Even though, they were running against each other the children helped each other with speech writing. They recorded their friends speech so they could watch back and make improvements to how they delivered the speech. Also, they helped each other put up posters around school and our IT experts gave assistance to anyone who needed some coaching with their campaign video.

A massive congratulations to everyone in Grade 6 Extended. The future is bright! There is no doubt every single child is a winner!

Virtue of the Week: Tolerance

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Language Arts: Writing election speeches

Pratice makes perfect!

Week of the school elections!

This week had one focus - be ready to deliver the speech of our lives on Wednesday morning. Monday and Tuesday we completed the final editions of our speech. With a partner we recorded each other delivering our lines. We watched the clip back together and set targets to help us improve how we said our lines and our movement. Each day our confidence and quality of our delivery improved. Every child in class completed this task even if they did not wish to run as a House Captain.

Later in the week we began our next focus Balanced Arguments. We began we looking at the structure, language features and purpose of a variety of balanced arguments, ranging from 'Should all cars be banned from city centers?' to 'Was Elvis Presley a Great Singer?'. Each class had plenty of opinions on all the debates we read. Importantly, we also gathered a host of language to help develop our own argument points. Next week, we will plan and write a class argument based on a topic we all can relate to. Our persuasive writing and talking in front of large crowds will be key in our success in this unit.

Mathematics: Visualisation!

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Week 3- Solving worded, speed problems using visualisation.

The Grade 6 children continued working on the topic - Speed. Card games were used to reinforce the concepts and to make learning fun and interesting. We also had a discussion on the speed of swimmers. Do you think swimmers swim at a constant speed? Why?

We also discussed about the success criteria when working with Speed word problems. To be successful in the word problems, they will need to have the following:

1) Speed Triangle

2) Diagram/Timeline

3) Number sentences

4) Units of measurements

5) Presentation of the final sentences

6) Neatness

We consolidate our learning with a test on Friday.

Note: The Grade 6 children will have Mathematics homework on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Homework assigned will be due the following day.

IPC: Champions for Change!

Looking at Champions of change in our Society

Session 1:

In IPc this week we have been deepening our knowledge and understanding of significant international organisations (UNISEF,UN, UNESCO, WWF etc.) , thinking about their roles in society. The children discussed the aspects of Who? What ? Where? any Why?, in their quest to learn more about these organisations. Groups in each class were assigned a significant organisation to research and then ideas about each organisation were envoyed with other groups (Market place).

Sessions 2/3:

In our second and third sessions we discussed the roles of voting. We examined a number of different countries to find minimum voting age, debating on whether these ages were suitable or whether they should be raised or lowered.

Home Learning tasks: Week 3

Spellings (handed in Monday 26th January): this weeks spellings focus on origins of words based on common prefixes (naus=ship ge=earth specere=to look etc). Children will need to practice the 12 given spellings and also complete the super sentence and text level tasks.

Spelling test: Monday 26th January

Mathematics: Calculating average speed, distance and time based on given formulas in given worded problems

Writer's Notebooks (handed in Tuesday 27th January) : For this weeks homework, children will be planting 3 seeds as inspiration for future writing. Children will need to think of three areas to brainstorm their ideas on. Once this has been completed, children will need to generate detailed themes that they could possibly write about.

IPC: Children to begin their Service Project which is titled 'Make a Difference'. All success criteria will be going home Friday January 23rd. This activity can be completed in groups of 2-3 or individually. The children will be sharing this work on Friday, February 6th.

Dates for the Diary

UES Optional PTC - Wednesday, January 28th 5 - 7pm and Thursday, January 29th 3.30 - 5.30 pm

Global Family Festival - Thursday, February 5th

Telunas Service Trip - February 9th - 13th

Saint Joseph's Feast Day - Thursday, 19th of March

Telunas Preparation

Sports Equipment Donations Drop Off Morning from 7.45 - 8.15 am

Tuesday January 27th

Wednesday January 28th

Thursday January 29th

Top 5 Words/phases to learn this week

· sorry - ma'af

· excuse me – permisi

· How are you - Apa kabar?

· What is your name - siapa nama

· My name is... nama saya...