SFD Monthly News

July 2017

Chief's Message

Happy July to you! I hope everyone had a great 4th and got to spend some time with your families. I want to thank everyone that helped with our 1st Annual Fire Safety Camp. It was awesome! I have heard nothing but good feedback and I don't think it could have went any better. The kids had a great time and hopefully they retained some life safety knowledge. I also want to thank all of the hard work that our members have put in getting ready for our ISO grading that will be taking place this month! It took everyone's help to prepare and I feel really good about this process. Keep an eye out for an invitation for our annual cook out coming up next month. On a final note, David Watkins has made a personal decision to step down as Captain of C Shift and become an Engineer. David has always been a huge asset to this department and we will miss him in his Captain's role, but I know he will do a great job as an Engineer.

As always, thanks for all you do,

Chief Johnson

July Training

July 3rd: No Training

July 10th: EMT (Trauma/Burns) 7pm @ Station 9

July 17th: Water Rescue 7pm Meet @ Station 9

July 24th: Driver's Training 7pm @ Station 9

July 31st: Ventilation 7pm @ Station 9

July Sunday Duties

July 2nd: Marshburn, Suter, Matt Page, Zeller, Plybon, Simmons

July 9th: Stantliff, Mitchell, Strader, Lowe, Barbagallo

July 16th: Conaway, G Page, Marshall, Tedder, Rojas, Conaway

July 23: Page, Lansink, McPartlan, Moseley, Tutterow, Glen

July 30th: Redmon, Baer, Rochelle, Hall Pauley, Thompson


July 6th: James Shelton

July 8th: Matt Tedder

July 19th: Bradley Lowe

July 19th: Michael Sellers

July 24th: Grant Page

July 24th: Scott Lansink

July 25th: Reece Walker

July 26th: David Redmon